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Leading Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Harry E. Rubash, Joins Distinguished Board of Directors

Dr. Harry Rubash

Dr. Harry E. Rubash, prominent orthopedic surgeon, researcher, and educator, was recently welcomed as the newest member of the notable 11-person board of directors for The Foundation for the Advancement in Research in Medicine (FARM) (http://farmortho.org) – a 501c(3) non-profit organization with a stated mission of “improving the lives of people with orthopedic disabilities.”

Currently the Chief of Orthopaedic Surgery at MGH and the Edith M. Ashley Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Rubash brings deep orthopedic expertise, industry knowledge, and a stellar professional reputation as a hip and knee replacement specialist.

According to FARM founder, Richard Warner, as the joint replacement market grows so will the need – among surgeons and prospective patients – for current and unbiased information about advances in hip and knee replacement. Says Warner, “The Foundation’s Board of Directors is its greatest asset in raising awareness about enhanced material research, so we are extremely grateful and enthusiastic about having Dr. Rubash contribute his considerable expertise and join us in pursuit of this mission.”

Dr. Rubash’s full bio can be viewed online at http://farmortho.org/bod/rubash.htm

13th BIOLOX® Symposium in Edinburgh, Scotland

This Symposium will provide all participants with the most current knowledge available on the use of Bioceramics and Alternative Bearings in Contemporary Total Joint Replacement. Previous International BIOLOX® Symposiums have established a tradition of offering excellent opportunities for effective communication and exchange of ideas between engineers, scientists and surgeons. The scope of the Symposiums has been expanded over the years and now include practical applications of ceramics and other alternative bearing materials in both laboratory and clinical settings. The Symposium pays tribute to the excellent acceptance of ceramic technology by the Orthopaedic Surgical Community.

FARM Orthopedics Founder and CEO Richard Warner has been invited to speak. FARM Board of Directors B. Sonny Bal, MD, Rocco Pitto, MD and James M. Buchanan, FRCS will also be attending.

21st Annual Congress of the International Society for Technology in Arthroplasty in Seoul, Korea

The 21st Annual Congress of the International Society for Technology in Arthroplasty will be held October 1-4, 2008 at the Hotel Shilla, Seoul, Korea. FARM, Inc. Board member, Raj Sinha, MD, PHD will be attending.

ISTA is a non-profit public benefit corporation and its goal is to promote public awareness, education and research in arthroplasty.

Radio Interview with FARM Founder, Richard Warner

FARM Founder Richard Warner interviews at KPSI Radio Palm Springs, CA and discusses his personal experience with MIS Robotic Assisted and Traditional Hip Surgeries. Click the ‘Play’ button below to hear the full interview.


Masters in Revision Total Hip Replacement: the Femoral Side

The goal of this meeting is to explore current concepts related to revision surgery of the femoral component in total hip replacement.

Auckland Art Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand

Date / Time:
Friday, 25 March 2005, 17:40 to 20:00

Revision total hip replacement is a challenging surgery requiring sound biological strategies for bone stock defect management and dedicated implants for stable fixation. This masters in revision surgery of the femoral component addresses the upside and downside potential for bone grafting techniques, proximal and distal fixation revision components, and highlights the design and operative choices in revision total hip replacement

Upon completion of this course, participants should have a better understanding of:

  • The basic science of bone regeneration
  • Benefits of using bone grafts/current design revision stems
  • Technical ups and downs
  • The current knowledge of clinical outcomes

Continuous Professional Development accreditation of NZOA (pending)

Rocco P. Pitto, MD, PhD

Hugh Blackley (Auckland)
Jillian Cornish (Auckland)
Jonathan Garino (Philadelphia)
Geoff Horne (Wellington)
Rocco Pitto (Auckland)
Michael Ries (San Francisco)

With the endorsement of:
The Foundation for the Advancement in Research in Medicine, Inc (FARM)
The Auckland Orthopaedic society

Telephone: #64 9 2760044 (ext. 7666)
Facsimile: #64 9 276 0066
[email protected]


Early FARM Newsletter

An archive copy of one of FARM’s early print newsletters from 2003. View the full 4-page newsletter (PDF).

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