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Foundation Programs

Consumer Awareness


BoneSmart® Knee Replacement & Hip Replacement Patient Advocacy & Online Community

FARM Orthopedics launched BoneSmart®, (BoneSmart.org), an international consumer awareness campaign to help patient-consumers learn about the exciting new advances in joint replacement materials in 2005. Using the powerful reach of video, radio, television, print, CD-ROM and the Internet, BoneSmart® is a one-stop information and clinic and hospital referral network for patient-consumers looking for a user-friendly, neutral environment, to explore their options and find the doctor and implant that’s right for their needs. Clinics in the referral network have access to the program and marketing resources to use in their own outreach and patient education programs.

For patients: Knee Replacement Info | Hip Replacement Info

Research & Development

One of FARM’s objectives is to improve the quality of human lives through an expedient and efficient method of providing scholarships and grants to the orthopedic community working in the area of enhanced material research for prosthetic implant surgery and other orthopedic applications.

For grantees: Grant Guidelines Grant Application

Recipient Project
Dr. Raj Sinha MD, PhD Kinematic Normalization
Recipient Project
Iowa State University Scaffolds for Articular Cartilage Tissue Engineering
Recipient Project
8th World Biomaterial Congress Biomaterial Symposium
28 May thru June 1, 2008
Amsterdam RAI
The Netherlands
Recipient Project
Donaldson Arthritis Research Foundation (DARF) Foundation support
Recipient Project
Marco Barink Design Improvements in Total Knee Arthroplasty
Sharon Brown Degradation of Lubricating Serum in Hip Simulators
LLUMC 14th Annual Symposium Orthopedic Research Seminar May 2006
Chris Arts Improved Biocompatible Materials for Bone Grafts & Bioactive Coatings
Sander Leeuwenburgh Electrosprayed Calcium Phosphate Coatings for Biomedical
Missouri State Orthopaedic Association In support of the 37th Annual Missouri State Orthopaedic Association’s annual conference

Strategic Alliances

We actively pursue revenue sharing relationships with companies and other organizations who share our goal of improving the lives of people with orthopedic disabilities. Corporate Strategic Alliances will assist in promoting and directing patients to consumer awareness programs such as BoneSmart®

Additional Information

FARM Orthopedics is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation (Federal Tax ID: 26-0019433) headquartered in Southern California. For more information please contact us.