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Patient Awareness & Advocacy


BoneSmart® Knee Replacement & Hip Replacement Patient Advocacy & Online Community

One of FARM’s primary objectives is to help raise awareness about knee and hip replacement options among the millions of prospective patients suffering from degenerative hip and knee joint conditions. Because of FARM’s patient awareness division BoneSmart® and its successful patient mentor program FARM is recognized as the world’s leading joint replacement patient advocacy organization.

BoneSmart.org is one of the most popular joint replacement patient community websites and forums in the world. As the public face of FARM’s consumer outreach efforts the site provides (a) information about hip and knee replacement surgery options, implants, and technologies, (b) access to the world’s largest joint replacement patient support forum (bonesmart.org/forum) with dozens of dedicated moderators, and (c) a searchable database of over 3,500 qualified joint replacement clinics in the US. (bonesmart.org/clinics).

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